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Shireli Manufacturing Company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of unique and distinctive products that address the high-valued needs of the consuming public. 

Today, the company prides itself as the trusted manufacturer of gulaman jelly powder mix, herbal beverages, and dishwashing products under the ZANG, Immuni+, and DishKleen brand names. We are committed to providing our consumers with the best products that provide value-for-money, by utilizing the latest and most advanced technologies that ensure strict quality control standards and by continually developing innovative products to meet changing tastes and expectations.


Food and Drug Administration (FDA) License to Operate

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certificate of Product Registration 

HALAL Certified Products


To intensify the sweetness in every family.




We create opportunities for families to become progressive and sustainable.



SHIRELI recognizes that customer satisfaction is an integral aspect in the manufacture and sale of food, beverages, and detergents. In line with this, the following factors and commitments are considered critical to the success of our business:

  • Quality

  • Food Safety

  • Productivity

  • Continual Improvement                                   

ZANG Gulaman
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