Shireli Manufacturing Company is currently engaged in the following product lines:

ZANG Gulaman


ZANG Gulaman is a gulaman jelly powder mix made from natural seaweed extract. It is economical, affordable, and easy to prepare.


ZANG is currently available in both flavored and unflavored variants. The flavored line includes buko pandan/coconut, ube/purple yam, chocolate, strawberry, melon, and black gulaman/grass jelly, while the unflavored variant comes in the red, green, orange, yellow, and clear (transparent) colors.



DishKleen is a liquid dishwashing detergent. It is primarily utilized for the hand washing of glasses, plates, cutlery, and cooking utensils.

Shireli Manufacturing Company makes use of the latest and most advanced technologies in the production of these products to ensure no skin irritation for the user.


DishKleen is currently available in lemon scent and in several sizes and varieties.

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